Peak Equine

"Petra is 15 so no spring chicken, and neither is her mum! Never too late to learn new stuff & make improvements. Towards the end of last year she wasn't going well under saddle and seemed quite grumpy, I think this was at least partly down to a poorly-fitting saddle. I had a remedial saddler out to her and bought one of her bespoke saddles which has been a real eye-opener, my always-grumpy-to-tack-up horse now doesn't react at all when I saddle her up. However the saddler does more than just fit saddles and also pointed out how asymmetric Petra was, and explained the impact this would have on her. She suggested getting an osteopath out which I did, but even though Petra was straighter afterwards I still struggled to get her 'right'. The exercises that Sue has shown us have been such a breakthrough, I'm delighted and very proud of our progress. I can finally see what an elegant horse Petra is - I won't describe her as 'a bog-trotter' or 'a big old lump' any more!" - HB

"Sue came over to our bitless and barefoot riding holiday and horse rescue centre to run a 2 day/3 night course for us. She has a lovely, clear way of teaching, making it easy for newcomers to positive reinforcement to understand and practice what they have learnt. The course was such a great success we are hosting Sue again in September!" - JW

"Been having lessons with Susan for about a month now and they are the best lessons I've ever had! She is a lovely lady with so much patience and so much knowledge and really knows her stuff. Works with both horse and rider and with just the handful of lessons I've had there is such an improvement thank you so much for having the patience to teach me. Highly recommended and I always look forward to the next lesson." - KA

"I can vouch for this woman she is an amazing trainer and works at yours and your horses pace and never pushes. Truely a great person highly recommended to anyone" - MH

"A riding injury in late August put a temporary stop to ridden work with my young horse, Charlie. The time hasn't been wasted though as Sue has worked with us from the ground, improving Charlie's manners on the ground, his straightness and also our overall communication.  Using clicker training has made it very easy for Charlie to understand the work, and made it enjoyable also. I feel that, thanks to Sue's help, we will be in a better position to start work under saddle again than ever before." - AF

"Sue has worked with my boys and I for a few weeks now, and we have seen a remarkable difference in both of them already! I cannot rate her highly enough!" - LR

"We wouldn't have achieved today without all you've taught us! I'm quite excited for what the future holds with Maddy now!" - LR

"My only regret is that I didn't discover Sue and her methods years ago" - HB